Sunday, September 14, 2008


well seeing as its pretty much looking pretty fallish outside i thought i'd totally post a fallish post!!!

Ahh, wonderful fall. Its gets super chilly outside which i dont fully enjoy when i have to wake up at 4:30 on saturdays and work, when all the other NORMAL people in the world are sleeping. Anyways, yea super chilly!!! But then one word comes to mind and i am eternally grateful...


So of course , my mother has put all her beautiful fall decor out, up, down, around, and any other which way. She placed a couple SUPERDUPER tiny pumpkins out on the table. My brother didn't think they were real and proceeded knocking one on the side of the table.
Mommy yelled.
Brock just justified himself by saying thats how you see if they are hollow?
they weren't.

Anyways, these pumpkins totally reminded me of when i worked at the ranch last fall! It reminded me of our wonderful, quality, and down right plentiful pumpkin patch. Yupp just sniff the sarcasm people.

The boss would come out and let us know someone called in for the wagon ride and pumpkin patch.
We'd then proceed to take the boss's big truck and trailor and fill it with pumpkins big and small.
Then, we drive them out to a giant weed patch.
We'd continue to unload them and put them in random spots and really try to spread them out so "they looked like they actually grew out there."

This memory gave me the giggles:D then mommy said post it on your blog!
so .....

I did.

p.s._ here's a tip...don't sit on any cold benches

-Gilmore Girls

Thursday, August 21, 2008


so dude i was totally watching America's Next Top Model before i went to work today.

wow where do i start?!

so this show is where "most awesomest" is considered correct grammar, and the biggest threat being thrown around is "touch me one more time i'll sue you!"

but by far the best today was the girl who one day will be "completely blind."

These dudettes totally had to model down a runway in a dark club or something. The blind chick said she was worried because she is legally blind during the day and "pretty much" totally blind at night. She wanted a sneak peak at the runway in fear of biffing it i guess. They wouldn't let her though because that would be like totally not fair to the other chicks. So she's like tweaking out right? but finally chills out when she gets out there and WOAH! Thank Goodness! ... There's glitter on the runway!!!

wow... since when does glitter help you see better? i don't stinkin know! i was thinking maybe you can see because of the random lights shining on the runway... but hey it makes more sense that the glitter would help her see right!?
So yeah needless to say ... she wasn't even the one to fall.
Some dumb chick named Brittany or something (no family reference here) totally tripped over nothing of course and biffed it. And she totally couldn't believe it! she LOVES runway and her worst nightmare is falling on the runway!
and i thought OH-MY-GOOSHY-GOODNESS! That's like totally my worst nightmare too!!!
............................................... did i mention i'm kind of sarcastic???

p.s._ babette ate oatmeal

~Gilmore Girls

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Noah's Ark

Ok first of all, I don't even know if there is an apostrophe in Noah's Ark on the sign dude. I just figured that's the correct grammar so it better be there.

Anyways, yeah! Today we went to Noah's Ark as a youth group right? Right.
So it was AWESOMELY fun and well I went in the wave pool and the lazy river. Yeah so I'm a little scared of water rides, and pools, and anything to do with water besides showers and drinking it. But I will have you know that the lazy river wasn't JUST a lazy river. It was the Adventure River ok? So give me a little credit there people.

But um yeah... It took me like 10 minutes to finally go under the water in the wave pool BECAUSE there are like little children everywhere (as opposed to big children I guess? although there were some of those). Anyway, I figured if I went under and they didn't see me, one could totally like sit on me in the water and my head would slam the bottom of the pool floor(as opposed to the top pool floor? wow I'm on a roll) and I would totally drown and never come up!
The Justin (Brittany's boyfriend for those who don't know) told me that would be highly unlikely... except with way more sarcasm and attitude. But still yo! It's a possibility.

So just thought I'd share my fear of water and anything to do with it besides showering and drinking it.

p.s._ Oy with the poodles already!

-Gilmore Girls

Monday, July 7, 2008

surprisingly enough...


so now its the readers turn to be sarcastic and leave all their comments about how i was wrong :D

Have fun with that... :/
i'll just hide in the mccrew room and rot

Monday, June 23, 2008


SETTING: Watching Camp Rock in the living room.

: Doesn't Joe Jonas remind you of Uncle Jesse on Full House?

MOM: No, he does remind me of someone though. I can't figure it out.

ME: My future husband maybe???

joe jonas

Thursday, June 19, 2008

I'm Back... Again.

Ok yea...

I'm back. Try to stop jumping for joy.
I figured I just need somewhere to share things about my life and the oh so fascinating lives around me. So as you read this, try to pretend like you care and I'll pretend like I can see you pretending to care. I mean isn't that how this blogging stuff works?

Ok so...

I got a job at McDonalds today. And before you ask, yes i did look into other cults but this one payed. So Tuesday is the big day. The day I start a new chapter in my life. It shall be exciting... I mean who doesn't love grease soaking into their pores as little children puke on plastic balls that just so happen to be impossible to clean.And don't forget your fire-breathing manager yelling at you for doing something you're pretty sure she asked you to do in the first place, and of course the annoying old people who smell like coffee, tobacco, and soap all mixed together that should go back to school and learn that the 't' in fillet is silent.
Yes, I know what awaits me at this torture chamber. But this grease-bucket doesn't know what I have to bring to the table! Yes people, I will dominate the Sparta McDonalds at a very small price of $6 an hour. Trust me, they'll be thanking me.

So besides basketball, McDonalds shall be my new life. Hey it was either McDonalds or Scrubway... And frankly, I still have some doubt that the dude with the funny glasses and tripped out smile used to fit in those huge pants WHICH he brings like everywhere.

So yea I'll try to keep ya'll posted on this blog thingy.

_ p.s. when life gives you lemons... first make sure there is enough to make lemonade.